Tuesday, February 25, 2014


As we continue through our final months on tour, the artists, families, and staff of Totem find new ways of bonding.  Sometimes we help each other navigate the next round of decisions: Tanya is figuring out how she will fly with a newborn baby to Portland.  Oyuna is examining the costs of travel visas to New Zealand.  Massimo and Tamir are planning to sell their cars in Portland.  Micha is looking for a place to offer his new workshop in Vancouver.  etc…

And personal milestones continue to take place.  This week the kids spent a day at a Family Fun Center playing mini golf, arcade games, and laser tag, and driving go-karts, to celebrate Yahor's 12th birthday. We just celebrated Anthony's 14th and Sophia's 16th, and we're about to enter the round of spring birthdays.  The children continue to be a tight family unit, with their sibling-esque squabbles, and their intense loyalty to one another.  Baz got glasses this past week.  When I told the other kids he was having a hard time with it, they rallied around him, telling him how great he looked.  Before the end of the day, he had relaxed about wearing them.

On Monday night, about a hundred company members of Totem - employees, and OAMs - turned out at the Schkapf theater in Hollywood to watch an in-progress showing of Micha's new show, Inside. It was a beautiful evening, with so many people outpouring their love and enthusiasm for Micha.  Micha had lots of helpers for this show, from sound, lights, and costume to actual characters on stage - and it is a mark of everyone's mutual respect, how much they are willing to give of their time and energy.

Every once in a while I realize how much we are all prepared to support one another.  Greg borrows a suit from Eric.  I scoop up Alya's daughter for the day when Alya is at home sick.  Sophia brings the kids home from school when I'm running late.  Francis, Jeff and I swap business and marketing stories.  The technicians help Greg build stuff in their shop.  Anouk teaches a free Pilates class on the beach.  Nick tightens up a trapeze for me. I read English books to the little Russian girls.  And on and on and on.  The ways in which we contribute to each other's lives are too numerous to count.

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