Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goodbye California

We've been here a long time - 6 months or so in the Los Angeles area alone.  Time to move on - hopefully to places a little more grounded in reality.

(Here we come, Oregon!)

Before we leave, though, a blog post about this particular area we've been staying in - and most especially, the stretch of beach between Santa Monica and Venice.  This place is crowded with

Kite flyers
Drum circlers
Wedding parties
Muscle Beach-ers
Tattoo artists
Surfers (and bikes with surfboard racks!)
Beach volleyball players
Rollerbladers, runners, cyclists
Hula hoopers
Craft sellers
Boom box blarers
Oxygen bars
Raw food restaurants
Pet spas
Gray-haired hippies
Spray-paint artists
Roller-skate dancers
Beach bums
Snake handlers
Wood carvers
Medical marijuana hawkers
Homeless drug addicts
Sideshow freaks

And the nearby streets have an astonishingly high ratio of over-the-top sports cars.  Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Corvettes, Porsches.  Convertibles, racecar designs, glaring colors.  I noticed this midway through our time here.  And, although I'm not a car person at all, soon my eyes were compulsively seeking them out.  I imagine this is one of the few places in America where driving your little red Jaguar with the top down actually makes sense.  (The status.  The sexiness.  The weather.)

Every time I tried to photograph one of the more-outrageous specimens, they whizzed by me in a blur.  But I found this nice representative image online.  OK, it's a slight exaggeration… on a daily basis they don't really all line up like this, and they're usually mixed in with a healthy number of beat-up Toyotas.  But this is a real photo taken on Ocean Boulevard a few years ago.

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