Friday, March 21, 2014

Isa, age 7

The little one is getting big.  She turned 7 this week, and is proud now to be able to make her own Rainbow Loom bracelets (thanks for the gift Auntie Erin!), just like the bigger girls at school.  Another special thing about being 7 - she gets to stay up as late as Baz and Ayla now.  (9:30pm bedtime - we keep later hours on tour)

She has a birthday party coming up on Monday (rock-climbing!) but for her actual birthday we spent the day at the Oregon Zoo.  

My three kids - freezing cold on a sunny spring day in Portland - we left all of our winter gear in Boston, and 55 degrees feels frigid to us after 6 months in LA!

They're all still so happy to play together.  One of the silliest things that happens in our household is when Baz, bored to tears, begs the girls to let him join in their games.  He usually marches over a Transformers or Lego character and tries to integrate himself into whatever they're doing.  This week the Polly Pockets were running a dress shop.  The giant Bionicle man tried very hard to be a polite customer, but eventually lost patience with the tiny dresses and insisted they should go on an adventure.  The girls refused "not until we've sold all of our dresses."  "OK" says Bionicle man, "I'll buy all the dresses!!" … and so it goes….


  1. I have enjoyed having the vicarious adventure of traveling with the circus via your blog. Best of all, I have tickets to see Totem next week and will hopefully get to see Greg juggle!
    Hope your stay in Oregon is a good one. If weather is decent mid-April be sure to visit the Crystal Springs rhododendron garden. It is next to Reed College. Kids love the winding paths and ducks and grown ups can admire the flowers. If you have a car, a drive up Mt. Hood to Timberline Lodge is a very Oregon thing to do. For something sciencey make the longer drive up to Mt. St. Helens. (And yes, Portland can be chilly all the way to June.)

    1. Thank you for the recommendations! I will start writing about Portland soon, we are really enjoying sightseeing here.