Monday, March 31, 2014


We moved to Portland, OR, in mid-March, and so far I love it.

After such a long time in Los Angeles, this place seems refreshingly down-to-earth, quirky but honest, generous and good-hearted.  I noticed right away there is a "class" difference.  In the LA area, there is a distinct underclass - people who are poor, uneducated, usually immigrant, the people who do the landscaping and the fast-food serving and generally keep their heads down.  Then there are the Served - the LA populace which generally feels self-important, which name-drops, flaunts its fancy cars, and is suspicious of strangers.  In Portland this is immediately different.  The people who come to clean our apartment, the people who serve in retail outlets and restaurants, are just regular people who are happy to offer their advice or share a laugh with me.  There is a lot of eye contact, and a lot of smiles, especially when they hear I've just arrived in town.  They are eager to share their local knowledge - the best bike route, the best pastry shop, the not-to-miss sights - and nowhere in their dialogue is any reference to celebrities.  It's like taking a deep breath of good, clean air.

I love that the Portlanders ride their bikes in practicality and not frivolity.  There is no beach-cruising going on here, but cycle-commuting, and lots of it, rain or shine.  Watch out for trolley tracks….

We were lucky to have a first few days of sunshine, but since then, we've had rain every day, and a chill, that has taken time for our Southern-California bodies to adapt to.

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  1. Hi Shana!
    Welcome to Portland. I've lived in the area for about a decade now and the people couldn't be nicer. We are all so glad that you and the Cirq team are here to entertain us.