Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some recent happenings

As a belated-birthday gift, and something to keep and remember her by, Nastia presented me today with this beautiful gift - a matryoshka doll.  Nastia prides herself on putting a lot of time and thought into gift-gifting, and this is absolutely perfect.  It's beautiful; it's deeply, traditionally Russian; and it will always remind me of the connections I have made here on tour, with her and the other Russian families.  On the bottom she painted "Шейне от Насти" : to Shana from Nastia.  Which means I will have to retain some level of Russian reading and grammar ability as well!

The girls roller-skating, Venice Beach
8 kids playing foosball
While Scott was in town we did an epic bike ride - 52 miles, up to beautiful Palos Verdes and back!
Alisa, Isa, and Ayla at the Space Shuttle Endeavour, California Science Center

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