Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Seattle

I just spent a half-hour trying to embed an audio file onto this blog, with no luck.  Blogger will not let it happen.  So if you want to hear the soundtrack for our day, you'll have to go to one of these cheesy YouTube lyrics links.

We had to drive up to Seattle today to get the kids new passports.  Theirs expired, two weeks before we have to go to Canada, and in Portland we couldn't get expedited-enough service.  The Seattle Passport Agency was awesome - easy to make an appointment, no long waits, and they were able to turn around the passports for us in just a couple of hours.  We are $600 poorer (after having the kids' birth certificates overnighted from Philadelphia, and getting new photos taken) - but we have three shiny new passports to show for it.

I figured we should make a little family trip out of it, so I booked a hotel and we have been doing some sightseeing.  Things learned today about Seattle:

- downtown is hilly!  Like, San-Francisco hilly!

- ooh, aah, Seattle library.  (pictured)

- Seattle seems way bigger than Portland.  I am struggling to find actual data on this - but it just seems a lot bigger.  Maybe it's the skyscrapers, or the fact that there are streets like 105th Street.  

- the Chihuly Garden & Glass is hard not to enjoy, no matter how you feel about Dale Chihuly as an artist.  

- the Space Needle is hard not to enjoy, even if, like my kids, you are determined to be grouchy about it because it's nowhere near as tall as the CN Tower, or even the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. 

- Lower Queen Anne, the neighborhood we're staying in, has scads of Thai restaurants.  We dragged the kids to one this evening.

- This place actually exists!

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