Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tour life

We've been on tour for so long now (nearly 4 years) that I take a lot of ridiculous things for granted.  Like the fact that the kids never have any idea where things in our current apartment can be located - like trash cans, band-aids, drinking cups.  And often neither do I.  Today I was momentarily exasperated when I told Isa to go put her clothes by the washing machine, and she couldn't even guess what floor of the house the washing machine was on.  We've been here for a month.

I thought it might amuse some blog readers to know that your taxes have got to be less complicated than ours (pictured).  Greg has to file taxes, including state taxes, in every state and country that he works in.  Thankfully, Cirque handles most of this for us.  This year there were only 8 different returns that we had to sign and mail, not too bad.

Next week, on our double-dark, we're making a sudden trip to Seattle, because the children's passports have all expired.  We just found out about this today (again, thank goodness for Tour Services, who notified us) - and we have to be in Canada in 19 days.  Not enough time for even expedited passport services, so we have to make a trip to a special agency.  I am trying to get the kids excited about going to Seattle by looking at pictures of the Space Needle, but a little online research showed us that the Space Needle is TINY compared to the CN Tower, or even compared to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.  Oh well.

Other snippets of our life here in Portland …. all of the families are living together in a townhouse complex.  The kids love to play together.  We live next-door to the Macks, so we frequently hear the thump-thump of a little djembe.  The older kids love to run around outside together, and I've allowed them unusually wide boundaries, having to be inside before dark and not cross any streets.  But most of the kids are still on much later sleep-schedules than mine - my kids go to bed between 9:30 and 10:00, and many of the others are up until midnight.  So last night I had to call one of the other kids' babysitters and ask her to please stop her kids from playing so loudly outside my kids' windows at 9:30pm.  I wonder what the rest of the neighborhood thinks of us.

More on our Portland experiences to come.

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