Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting outside

This past week we ventured out of downtown a bit more, spending a day exploring the Capilano River area, Lighthouse Park, and a bit of Stanley Park as well.  The kids had already done the Capilano Suspension Bridge with Greg in their first week here - sounded fun but expensive!  With my Mom and Dad in town, we did some less hair-raising stuff like visiting the salmon hatchery.
We watched these salmon in the fish ladder for a very long time, but the lazy guys wouldn't jump.
The forests here are amazing and beautiful.  They call some of these areas "enchanted forests" and it's easy to see why - the towering old-growth fir trees create peaceful enclaves below, and filter the sunlight emerald-green.
Stanley Park has its own set of charms.  We've explored the bike trails (the seawall, the dirt paths, and the actual roadways where the more-serious cyclists zip around).  There are also beaches and cafes and a totem pole display, and this Inukshuk which is at the southern edge of the park.  (this is where I run to, on the mornings that I go running).  

They say that Vancouverites are healthier and happier than the rest of Canada, which they chalk up to more time outdoors - the weather here is much milder, winters are shorter and less brutal, and the opportunities for outdoor activities abound.  Here in June, on the waterfront, it seems like everyone is running, cycling, rollerblading, kayaking, dragon boating, and stand-up paddleboarding.  It's hard actually to coop myself up in the apartment to get anything done.  

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