Monday, June 30, 2014

Kids Dreams Come True

Coolest school-event waiver ever.

Somehow the last few weeks of the Totem tour have turned into school kids' heaven.  Our company members have been showering them with love and attention and special permissions - like this excursion to climb on top of the Grand Chapiteau (with kid-sized safety harnesses and hard hats, of course).  A massive thank-you to Nick Creech, and to all of the riggers, site technicians and management who made this possible.

A few days prior to this, on Sunday, the school kids and teachers all got VIP tickets to watch Totem from the front of house, and they were loaded down with popcorn, candy, and soda.  That was followed by a BBQ, with a giant bouncy castle and an ice-cream sundae bar.  That was followed by a sleepover in the Artistic Tent.  Our brave schoolteachers chaperoned, there was late-night movie-watching and S'more making, and we picked up three very tired, sugar-hungover, and happy children the next day.

The special things just seem to keep coming, one after the other.  There was the music / drama performance, and their Yearbooks arriving.  (marvelous compilations of photos and messages, which all of the school community contributed to).  Then, last night, we celebrated Cirque du Soleil's 30th Anniversary with a beautiful party at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden.  For the adults, it was elegant and ambient; for the children it was a labyrinth to explore, a free-play zone full of interesting passageways.  We didn't get home until midnight.

How am I ever going to bring these guys back to reality?

(P.S. - added a week later - on the kids' last day of school, they got to go onstage with the carapace, jump around on the trampolines, and write their names and messages on the undersides of the carapace with a Sharpie.)

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