Monday, June 16, 2014


…and it was everything, and it was beautiful, and it was quite possibly the special-est special thing we have ever done.

There will be a full video available.  In the meantime, just a few photos and some memories…

This was Baz's clown act, performed with Yahor. They were coached by our prestigious Mykhail Usov, and the act is called "Hats".  Baz says that the fun part was thinking up something new for the act in every rehearsal.  Micha was a demanding coach, and kept everything in closed-door practices, but he really enjoyed working with the boys.

Here is Ayla's solo trapeze act, performed to a George Winston song called "Joy".  It was graceful and elegant.  Ayla says "I really enjoyed it, and I hope I can perform that act again."  She says her favorite trick was the Susan, which is the one in the picture.

Ayla was very nervous in the days leading up to the show.  But afterwards she was elated, and said she was surprised by how much the audience applauded.

This was the group fabric act.  It was a 5-girl act, including Isa, Ayla, Kherlen, Gipsy, and Sophia.  Each girl had a solo turn on the fabric, and Isa was the last one, climbing nearly to the top and inverting.  Everyone commented on how fearless she was, so high up there.  She says she loved doing it (even though she did get a bit of a fabric burn during her final descent).

Putting together this piece was one of the bigger challenges I had during the prep for the show.  Getting the 5 girls practice time together, and trying to get them strong enough to perform on the fabric, were huge hurdles.

But the performance turned out to be their best-ever run-through.  They  all executed their tricks perfectly.  They all remembered their entrances, their exits, and their bows.  It was one of the first acts in the show, and the first moment that brought tears to my eyes.  After so many mornings working with these girls, this was the last time they would do this.  I was so proud of them.

More to come….


  1. After years of watching family members and other performers under the grand tent, what an extraordinary opportunity for these children to be well-rehearsed entertainers themselves, to feel the thrill of executing their part well and hear the applause there in the spotlight.

  2. one of the things I have come to love over the years as I have seen many, many Cirque shows and met some of the people who make it all happen - they all love what they do, are eager to share their passion, and are willing to do the little something extra. this post and your previous post about how the show slowly came together this year affirms that for me.
    what amazing memories you have created for your children and the other children of Totem by making the idea of the Kids Circus Show come true. I am so happy for all of you.